Yearly Development Fee

The Society will be paid a yearly fee by each organization assigned MSRRS referees.  In order to continue developing quality match officials, the MSRRS will assign referees only to clubs and SBRO’s that have paid the yearly referee society fee.  Payment may be made via electronic invoice, by mailing a check, or by the paypal option below.

To pay via check, please make a check payable to “MidSouth Rugby Referee Society” and mail to: Brad Cole c/o MSRRS 2845 Summer Oaks Drive Memphis, TN 38134

Yearly fees are due at the beginning of the fall season. For Fall 2022:
Senior D2 – $450
Senior D3 – $350
College – $250

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Thank you for partnering with the MSRRS and helping to offset the costs of developing referees.


MSRRS referees will be reimbursed from the organizing/home club on the day of and prior to the match.  The following rates are paid to the referee unless other arrangements with the MSRRS have been made.  An electronic invoice will carry a $20 administrative fee.

15s Rugby Referee fees

  • Senior club or college match: $80 per game
  • Second-side senior club or college match with the same referee: $60 per game
  • Old-boys/girls match of 60 minutes or less: $60 per game
  • U19 match: $60 per game
  • Assistant referees: $25 each (U19 – $20 each)
  • 4th official: $25 per game (U19 – $10)

7s Rugby

  • 7s Rugby game: $25 per game (additional costs associated with tournaments)
  • U19 7s Rugby: $25 per game (additional costs associated with tournaments)
  • 7s Rugby AR: $10 each (additional costs associated with tournaments)
  • Referee manager for a tournament: $100 per day

Rugby 10s

  • 10s Rugby game: $30 per match (additional costs associated with tournaments)

Travel Reimbursement

Should a referee need to travel more than 75 miles in one direction for a match, an additional travel reimbursement is required.  The additional travel reimbursement is as follows:

  • Over 75 miles in one direction for one or more matches – $20
  • Over 125 miles in one direction for one or more matches – $40
  • Over 200 miles in one direction for one or more matches – $60
  • A hotel reimbursement may be required for matches requiring more than a four-hour, one-way drive for the assigned referee or an overnight stay in cases of multi-day events.  The RO must be notified in advance if the referee will require a hotel stay.


Organizations running tournaments or other such events may be charged approximately $1 per minute of scheduled match play, yet depending on the tournaments needs, each tournament may have different fees to cover travel, lodging, and meals for the referee crew. For each tournament, a head referee will be appointed. He or she will be the contact for the tournament chairman. The head referee’s duties will include, handling all match assignments for the tournament, being the contact referee for the tournament chairman, and answering any law questions asked by the tournament chairman.