The mission of the MidSouth Rugby Referee Society is to provide the highest quality officiating to rugby clubs and organizations for which we provide referees.


In order to achieve its mission, the MidSouth Rugby Referee Society has established the following goals:

1.   To provide qualified referees for each match and event requested of the Society.

2.   To recruit, train, develop, assist and encourage individual members of the Society in their efforts to become the best referees they are able.


The MidSouth Rugby Referee Society is an independent and autonomous organization.  The Chairman manages the Society, with the assistance of other officials.  Currently, these individuals are:

Chairman – Manages the society actions and officers, assigns all referees to their matches.

Treasurer – Manages the societies money.

Secretary – Records all society meetings, maintains the records of membership.

The chairman will appoint as required various positions that may or may not have voting rights on the committee.  These currently include:

Referee Development Officer – responsible for developing all referees, chairs the society evaluation committee comprised of the RDO, Society Chair and all Society Evaluators. The RDO does not currently have voting rights on the committee.

Society officers are elected for a term of two years by members in good standing who have refereed a minimum of 3 matches during the preceding season.