It is the MSRRS policy that individual clubs must be a member in good standing of their Union in order to request referees from the Society. All clubs and organizations requiring referees must submit a written schedule of their matches and events to the MSRRS Secretary. It is the MSRRS policy that no referee will be assigned until a written schedule is received. The schedule should include the number of games (A,B,C, etc.) , time and location. Spring schedules need to be in by December 15th, and fall schedules need to be in by August 1st. All colleges need to have their fall schedules in before they break for summer.

The assignments made by the Society will be announced to referees, clubs and union officials via Each club is responsible for contacting the assigned referee(s) by 10:00pm the Wednesday prior to the match to confirm time and location. Failure to reach the referee will result in elimination of the requirement that the referee cover the match. If the referee cannot be reached, the MSRRS Secretary must be called by the 10:00pm Wednesday deadline.

In the event of a no-show by a team or a cancellation after the referee has left for a scheduled match, the home team will be charged the society fee, and the team that no-showed or cancelled will be turned into the Union Disciplinary Chairman for appropriate action. If there are any changes after a team has talked to the scheduled referee, the referee needs to be notified of the changes immediately.

Referees will be assigned in following order. League matches will be covered first. Referees will then be assigned to teams who have had their schedules received by the society in the order in which they where received, first to last.  Any matches rescheduled will be put at the bottom of the list including League matches that were changed. And finally, there will be some occasions in which no referees live in a close proximity to a club asking for a ref, in these cases the society will try to find a referee from another society to cover that match.

Clubs are reminded that the USA Rugby requires goal post pads and sideline restraining ropes for all matches, and that the referee is prohibited from starting the match until they are in place.  A roster from both teams should be given to the referee prior to the start of every league match.