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yes 9 scrum engagement

The Silent Version of ‘Yes, Nine.’

The USA Rugby Committee has just voted (in a rare show of unanimity) to adopt the silent version of ‘yes, nine’ for all levels of adult rugby. The verbal ‘yes, nine’ will remain in effect for U19/high school and younger. This is meant to take effect immediately – games played March 1 and after. For adult matches, […]

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Hey O'Driscoll, tights are for training, not for games!

On Wearing Tights in Rugby

The IRB has addressed this issue in a couple of Clarifications (2006) and one Law change (2012). Briefly, tights are not appropriate wear for rugby because they negatively affect the ability of a tackler to grasp the legs of a ball carrier. People have tried to get around this by claiming tights are “underwear” or […]

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