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World rugby

2014 World Rugby Clarifications in Law

Clarification 1 2014 Law 12 – Knock-onLaw 12, definition states, “a knock-on occurs when a player loses possession of the ball and it goes forward, or when a player hits the ball forward with hand or arm, or when the ball hits the hand or arm and goes forward, and the ball touches the ground […]

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Hey O'Driscoll, tights are for training, not for games!

On Wearing Tights in Rugby

The IRB has addressed this issue in a couple of Clarifications (2006) and one Law change (2012). Briefly, tights are not appropriate wear for rugby because they negatively affect the ability of a tackler to grasp the legs of a ball carrier. People have tried to get around this by claiming tights are “underwear” or […]

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