The Society is open to membership for any individual who is interested in officiating rugby union football.

Referee Responsibilities

1.      Each referee must enroll in the Club and Individual Participant Program (CIPP) by virtue of current membership with USA Rugby.  Each referee bears the cost of enrollment, including any and all fees to the Rules and Laws committee.

2.      Each referee must complete the training and certification to become Level 1 certified in accordance with the USA Rugby guidelines.

3.      It is the policy of USA Rugby that all participants, including referees, be insured for medical injury in an amount not less than $100,000 per accident. Each individual is responsible for obtaining and maintaining appropriate medical insurance coverage.

4.      Each referee must cover the matches to which they are assigned, providing they are contacted for confirmation as indicated in the Match Assignments section. The only exceptions are when the referee deems that the match cannot be played because of unsafe conditions, or as otherwise provided in the Laws of the Game. In the event that a referee has an emergency arise and can not cover the assignment, the referee should first contact the team for which he or she was scheduled, inform them of the problem, and notify the Society Scheduling Secretary so that another referee can try to be scheduled.

5.      Each referee will collect a roster of players from each team before a league match. The winning team should send the report to their league officials. The referee should not officiate any league match for which rosters are not provided.

6.      In the event of a player send-off, the referee must complete a written Send-off Report, submitting copies to the Chairman of the society and the appropriate union Discipline Chair within two days of the match (see the section on Player Safety and Discipline).