MidSouth Refs Savor Ozark Rugby Tournament Experience

Chris Gower and Eric Fleming recently attended the 43rd Annual Ozark Rugby Tournament and showed their quality, representing the MSRRS well and earned kudos for the society. Because of their skill shown during Saturday’s matches, Eric was awarded the Women’s Final and saw the Little Rock Women successfully defend their home turf and keep the trophy at home; while Chris Gower received the Men’s Final appointment and managed the game well, as visitors the Dallas Reds dispatched the home team Little Rock Stormers to take the 2016 crown.

Though the tournament team numbers were down slightly (12 teams), it was a well run event as always, with games starting on time, changing room and shower facility provided, and food and refreshment was handled by the hosts. As well, the refs were treated to a stellar 4-course steak dinner on Saturday night by host Bob Hamilton at his restaurant downtown.

“This was my second visit to Little Rock and the Ozark Tournament,” said Gower. “The rugby was quality, the hosts were great, and I’m looking forward to returning for future events.”

If you are interested in attended the Ozark Tournament next year or any other tournaments outside the society, send a note to Randall Johnson and they will work on your behalf.

Ozark Tournament Referee

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