Question: Knock-on into in-goal. Scrum or 22-drop?

The scenario:

Attacking team knocks-on in field of play, ball travels into in-goal, and ball is made dead by the defender who then prepares for a 22m drop kick.

The question:

What is the appropriate restart? Scrum to defending team? Does advantage apply when ball is made dead to award the drop-out?

Read on for the answer

3 laws apply:

22.7a When an attacking player sends or carries the ball into the opponents’ in-goal and it becomes dead there, either because a defender grounded it or because it went into touch-in-goal or on or over the dead ball line, a drop-out is awarded.

Not so fast, there’s more.

12.1c If an attacking player knocks-on or throws-forward in the field of play and the ball goes into the opponents’ in-goal and it is made dead there, a scrum is awarded where the knock-on or throw forward happened.

But what about advantage?

8.3f Advantage cannot be played after the ball has been made dead.

Well, that explains it. Only option for restart is scrum to defending team.


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