IRB Directives and “RED ZONE” Non-tolerant Attitude

Fellow referees:

I know some of you have seen the IRB directive regarding the high tackle and dangerous tackle; however, most of you have not.  Please read the latest notes of wisdom.  The most important aspect of this directive is we, AS A GROUP, enforce the law. We have been applying a NON-TOLERANT attitude at the High School level, and now we are merely applying it to the higher levels of games we referee on a weekly basis.

A high tackle must be subject to penalty: you MUST penalize: no questions!
A dangerous tackle MUST be penalized with a yellow card.
Grabbing the collar is a dangerous tackle.
Playing the man/woman without the ball is a dangerous tackle


Furthermore, we are now implementing a “RED ZONE” non-tolerant attitude.  The RED ZONE is inside the 22 meter area that is being attacked.

Professional foul! What is that? If you don’t know this, then shame on you! A foul committed within the 22 by the defending team, and that said foul deprives the attacking team to their right of “juice” ball – a professional foul.

Such fouls can be as follows: blatant off side and shutting down space.

Deliberate foul at the ruck such as hands-in; diving over the tackle/ruck and killing play; deliberate collapsing of driving maul; deliberate entry (in front of the last player)into either ruck or maul; laying on the ball making no attempt to move, etc, etc.

We must be more aware of what is taking place in front of us; we have to be aware whilst inside the red zone. BTW don’t forget the wayward attacker in all of this!

Here’s a step by step aid you might use and form into a mantra whilst SPRINTING toward the breakdown:

1.  Get there
3.  Position
4.  Police

Our coaches, Alastair, Jerry and myself will be watching to make sure YOU are refereeing up to a standard where all of the above can be addressed. Our assessor, Dave Hanes, will be all over you like a cheap suit if you do not heed the above while he’s assessing you.

Having said all of that, let’s get out there and enjoy ourselves while having a great time.

If you have any questions and can’t find your answer within the law book or on-line, please send me an email or call me at 865.603.7456. 

Thanks for your time

Dave Hooper
MSRRS Chairman

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