Open Letter re: Player Misconduct

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has come to my attention that Red Cards and referee abuse have been an issue of late. Moving into the playoff season I would like to sternly remind the players and coaches that referee abuse will NOT be tolerated. This also extends to abuse directed at the event organizers and assistant referees as well.

Officials have been instructed to not tolerate abuse directed at them and to report it to the proper authorities at the event. Should a referee choose to remove a coach, player or spectator, they should leave with no protest, or the police will be called, and they can leave with them. If a player is receives a red card at a weekend event on a Saturday. They cannot participate in any more matches that weekend at that event. The appeals process does not allow for an at the event appeal. If a player earns a red card, that means the referee feels that player committed an act or acts in the very worst of sportsmanship and in serious violation of Law 10 which governs player misconduct. A process for appeal is in place, but not at the event.

We wish all players, coaches and teams success as we move forward into the playoff season, and remind everyone to take responsibility for their actions and be aware of the consequences for actions contrary to fair safe play and sportsmanship.

– Steve Parrill
R&L Training Committee Chairman; USA Rugby
Southern Rugby Referee Association (SRRA) Chairman
IRB Trainer; International Rugby Board; Dublin, Ireland

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